Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a story >> sexy bhabhi

This isаdharam once again with a new but real story. As I told u in my previous story we are 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Last year my brother got married to a beautiful young girl. My bhabi is very young and sexy her name is Sana she has very nice round tits and a fat plump ass. Sana and I are usually alone all day. We usually take 2-3 hours nap after lunch.
One day after lunch I went to bhabi's room to take rest the A.C was on and room was very cool. I saw bhabi had already slept and she was on her belly and her shirt was not properly on his big fat ass. And as she was breathing her ass was bouncing up-down.
I just lied on the bed with bhabi and tried to sleep. When I was half a sleep I felt little movement of bed I half opened my eyes and was surprised to see bhabi fingering her hole with his shalwar down to her knees. I pretended to sleep but kept my eyes half opened. Bhabi was now moving her finger fast and with that he held one of his breasts and rubbed the nipple. Few seconds later bhabi stretched her hand cupped my left tit I just jumped and asked hey bhabi what you are doing bhabi said oh mujjo sorry I was sleeping so I don't know how I touched you. I said its all right but by then juices started to come out of my hot cunt which was nowadays being fucked every second day by my sweet behnoi.
It was now my turn so I kept my eyes closed and ran my hands on bhabi's hip and then ran to other hip as well with that bhabi lifted her ass a bit and pressed my hand with her hand I tired to pull my hand back but bhabi turned to me with a very sexy smile on her face and said mujjo tu ne kabhi Lund aur choot ka khel khela he bhabi k mun se ye alfaz sun ker mere ander current dor gaya which bhabi felt and smiled and kissed me hard on my lips.
Then bhabi asked again mujjo tu ne meri bat ka jawab nahi dia I said bhabi promise me if I tell u you will not tell anyone. bhabi came close and mounted on top of me and inserting his hot tongue in my mouth she said oh mujjo my sweet baby I will not tell anyone then I told her that my behnoi has been fucking me by every which way and it's been running for the last one year..
Bhabi almost jumped up and asked which behnoi and when I disclosed the name she said oh god I m also dying to fuck that man and I like the way he looks at my tits and ass. She said my sweet mujjo please give me a chance to take his long hard shaft into my thirsty cunt. I said ok but for these you have to do something for me bhabi said ok tell me I can do everything to get that man. Then I lowered my shalwar and spread my legs wide open and asked bhabi to lick me off. Then bhabi lowered herself and started to lick my cuntlips and after that she inserted her whole tongue into my cunt and sucked all the juices oozing from my cunt . Then she came up and asked me to take my shirt up and unhooked the bra and out came my lovely, rosy globes. Which she admired and sucked the nipple and chewed it for some time bhabi told me that she loves to suck the nipples and the fat cocks. We continued this till 5 p.m and then took the bath together and dressed up. bhabi then
asked me to call my behnoi for the feast but I decided to tease bhabi but one fine afternoon my mobile rang it was my behnoi who wanted to come to me for an afternoon session and asked if I am ready. I welcomed him and asked to come for a longer time as I have something to show him.
He was there in 10 minute time and wanted to know what I had for him. I took him directly to bhabi's room where bhabi was resting on the bed wearing a short nighty but no bra and her huge milky globes can be seen easily. My behnoi was pleasantly surprised and said wow what a wonderful tits your bhabi Jan has and in no time he was sucking them as a child sucks for the milk. He did for few minutes then bhabi asked him to show his lovely rod which was going to satisfy both of us behnoi gee lost no time and was naked in a flash bhabi rushed toward him as if she doesn't go there quickly the behnoi's shaft will disappear. She held the shaft with her both hands like cricket bat and then took into her mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. He was moaning now and asking her to continue I went under bhabi and as she was on her knees with her buttocks in the air. I began to suck bhabi's cunt She liked it very much and asked me to lick her but hole I did as directed
and licked and sucked her but hole as it was honey pot.
Behnoi then asked bhabi to be on all fours as I knew it was his favorite sex position and then he went behind and opened the mouth of my bhabi's tight cunthole and then he teased bhabi's cunt with the tip of his cock. Bhabi was now moaning and pleading to fuck her then behnoi gee shoved his cock all the way into bhabi and that was too much for her she was moving and taking his shaft into her tight pussy. Then behnoi gee suddenly pulled out his long cock and smiled at me mischievously bhabi looked behind and said oh no please fuck me fuck meтEURж I need your long hard cock in my pussy please she was almost crying to take it again.
Behnoi gee once again inserted his cock deep into her pussy but this time he increased the pressure and jerked like a bull. Then he shoved one finger into the beautifully wrinkled tight little brown bottom hole of my sweet bhabi and to my surprise bhabi liked it and asked to do the same again. As he got the permission he did the same and then he again pulled out his shaft and placed it on the puckered hole of sweet bhabi but this time bhabi asked to continue and looked behind with a smile.
I was really enjoying all this as behnoi gee was fucking bhabi's ass and fondling her breasts and rubbing her nipples then behnoi gee asked bhabi Jan if she wud like to have his cum into her asshole and bhabi said no I want it in my mouth and then she turned and took all of his cock in her mouth and began stroking the big pego this was now too much for the behnoi gee and with a big thrust in her mouth he poured the load of jism and he threw it for 5-6 times and believe me bhabi drank all the jism till the last drop. Then bhabi Jan asked behnoi gee look at the poor girl I think we should make her happy as she has provided us the chance to enjoy the best fuck of my life.
Behnoi gee smiled and said yes sure and then he sat on the edge of the bed and pointed his half erected cock at me I got the idea and jumped toward him and place my hand on his shaft and did the cleaning job and began to stroke and massage his long thick shaft with up n down movement he was enjoying it n rubbed my clit. on the other end bhabi asked me to lift my ass a bit to place her face under my buttocks I allowed her and she came underneath to stick her hot tongue at my love hole she then lapped her tongue all over my pussy and asshole I was dripping juices and moaning. It continued for few minutes and then I mounted behnoi gee to take his long shaft as I sat on his big cock sweet bhabi guided his prick into my pussy and then kissed me on my asshole then I sat all the way down to take his cock and it was easy for me as my juices were now flowing from my hot n wet cunt. I rode behnoi gee for 3-4 minutes and then he demanded his favorite sex position I
knew that and I was on all fours in a flash and he played his best role of fucking me from behind bhabi was also the part of my fuck as he touched and pressed behnoi gee balls and he jerked more vigorously and then he asked the same question as to where I would like receive his cum before I answered bhabi gee took out his tool and started licking my juices but I was not far behind as I quickly sat with her and took the shaft in my mouth bhabi Jan stroked it so nicely that behnoi again spent like a horse and filled my whole mouth and then in second discharge he sprayed all over my face.
Bhabi Jan did not miss the opportunity and licked all his cum from my face then we had another round of threesome and it is continuing till today as bhabi n me give so much pleasure to behnoi gee n our cuntlips always say thanks to his pole which gives us pleasure we can never forget.

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