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Sex with Strange man in Honeymoon (Story)

I am moupriya 28years old I am fair complexion a Bengali housewife .but very modern broad minded and very friendly. With long hair 5.6’’feet tall. My figure is 38 36 40 my hubby and all people tale me I look very hot and sexy. My hubby is 32 years old 5.8’’feet tall and whitish complexion and he look very chocolaty type. We stay at Bangalore near it sector. We like to chat with aged people. In addition, I like tall dark complexion angry dominating wild men.
We r very friendly frank and open-minded type.
We married last 4years ago, and in our honeymoon, we went to the Goa for a week. there we enjoy a lots and on the 2nd day we was having a great sex at night and he was banging me very hardly so I was shouting in pleasure and suddenly I don’t know what happened to manoj he came near to my ear and he told me lets us try for a group sex. I want u to share with man in bed. I get very much surprise and shocked then I say him shut up do not talk like a foolish .manoj told me I am not joking baby I am very serious are you interested he ask me. I stay quite but I fell so horny, surprising, shocking and also very curious and I ask him are u sure? Manoj reply yes .then I ask him with whom u want me to share? He replies u say what type of man u like. I reply he should be of at least 40 and old very manly who have the power to make girls to dance on his fingerer. In addition, he must be strong wild angry dominating. Manoj say ok no problem. I ask him do u know anybody like this type. He replies no I ask him then how will we do. He reply do not worry we will find him .and then we sleep.

Next day morning we wake up and have our tea in the hotel room then we went to the beech I wear a half pant and a T-Shirt and he wears a half pant and a T-Shirt. Then we was joking and chatting between us .we feel hungry so we went to a dhaba to have some food. We was having our food and suddenly Manoj told me to look next to our table there I saw a man of 50age he was wearing a very simple white shirt and a denim blue jeans. He was very tall and Stroud physic who look very strong hansom and he looks very sexy man. From his eyes. Manoj ask me do u like this man. I reply yes ok. Then he asks me do u think he is a sexy man? I reply yes 100%he is a dam sexy man. Manoj ask me so would u like him to add with us in bed for a 3sum sex. I feel nervous and I was thinking I do not know what I should say. I stay keep quite, I gave a small smile, and manoj understand what I want.

Manoj move to his table and he ask to that person do u stay in Goa? He replies yes but it is 100km away from Goa. That man was not look at us and he replies yes .y? Then Manoj ask him can we join with u in the table? He looks at him and me say ok. Then Manoj ask him what is your name? He replies Rajesh. Manoj told him and she is my wife moupriya. He says ok. Then manoj ask him what do u do? He reply I am a X-bregeder armyman.i say ok and then slowly Rajesh and manoj was start discussing between them self .but I was notice that yes he is the 1st person whose eyes r looking so naughtyrious but he was not giving me any importance to me which attract me most. Our food came, we completed, manoj pay the table bill including Rajesh Ballmer Rajesh gave me his Visiting card, and he told us if u need any type of help then just give me a call. We say ok and then manoj also gave his number to Rajesh.

After that we left the dhaba and we went to our hotel Manoj, ask me how do u like him? I reply “IN 1WORD HE IS A REAL SEXY MAN.HE HAV THE POWER TO ATTRACT ANY LADY IN THS WORLD”
Manoj say ok then again we will meet with him at 5pm ok. I ask to manoj how? He replies we will call him. I say ok and Manor called him. He receives the ph and reply hello. Manoj ask Mr. Rajesh what are you doing at evening he reply nothing. Manoj ask can we meet at 5pm he replies not at 5 pm but we can meet at the same dhaba.

Then evening we went to the beech and we meet with Mr4 Rajesh again we start chatting so many things slowly he was also start chatting with me which I feel so nice. We all get so friendly .and next evening he invite us at his home {banglo}.
Therefore, we were so exited and we was feeling bit afraid.
In addition, I was planning what to wear so I will look so hot and sexy. manoj told me to wear a baby pink saree and a backless sleeveless and deep neck blouse and Manoj wear a black shirt and a blue jeans and we was getting ready .

Our bell rang and Manoj open the door and he saw a waiter came to our room and he say. Sir Nichama aaplogoka lia kohi Rajesh ji naamka kisina gaari bhaja hay.manoj say him ok tale him to wait for 10min we r coming.

Manoj close the door and he hug me and smooch me. We were starting feeling more exited. After that, we came down and we saw a ford icon and his driver waiting for us him welcomes us and took us to Rajesh banglo.

We reach to his banglo that was super. When we reach there, we saw he was swimming in his swimming pool. He came out and he welcomes us. Then we start gossiping in different topics slowly Manoj turn that to sexual discussion. Rajesh offer us for drink we start drinking and get friendlier and we start discussing more openly. Then Monoj told let gossip and we go at our room so we all shift to his dining room. There we were gossiping and Rajesh ask us would we like to watch some bf? Therefore, Rajesh reply ya please we both love to watch bf .so Rajesh took out some good collection of bf, we start watching and enjoying, and I was start feeling so much horny.. Suddenly I saw Rajesh was touching his leg with my leg .and I was feeling hornier. then on that time in bf there was a scene was going of strip dance so Rajesh ask Manoj do you like strip dance Manoj told ya I love to watch that and he also told to Rajesh that my wife is a great dancer some time she show me strip dance also. After listening this Rajesh came close to he and me ask to Manoj that will u mind if I told moupriya to show us a dance. Manoj reply no do not worry we r not like that we r very frank and friendly. However, I was feeling so horny, Rajesh was crushing my thigh, and he told us please can u show some dance to us? I reply him look I do not like using this please and all those request men’s. Should always order the girl. In addition, girls should request men’s. Therefore, Rajesh on that moment only he reply yes that is right and I like your choice and order me to stand and show some attractive dance to us .Manoj also told. Then Rajesh on a song called {BIRI JALAYLA JIGARMA SA PIYA JIGARMA AAGH LAAGA HAY} and then I start dance on that song. They were drinking. Manoj pull my pallu of my saree and he told that in this song the girl was wearing only a ghangra so y I am wearing saree? In addition, he opens that and I was getting out of control. Thy both were watching me. After completing that song, Rajesh ask me so u likes to be ordered by me. I told him yes .then he told us lets play a game we say what he say for tonight I am the master of both of u and u both will do what I will order u both .suddenly Manoj reply yes it’s a great game ok no problem . Rajesh told me to come and sit in my lap. I get shy then he told me this is my order and I sat on his lap. By sitting on his lap, he told me to make three pegs for us and I can feel from the down his penis was getting so hard. After when we was drinking he order me show a lap dance on his lap. Again, I have dance then Manoj ask to Rajesh master how your liking my wife he reply she is so sexy. Manoj say to Rajesh ask her to show some brikny dance. She dance so well then Rajesh told me come on baby now show us a brikny dance. I was feeling so shy I told no I cant Manoj told me y not u show me many times so y not now? I reply I'm getting shame then Rajesh shout at me very angrily which I feel so manly and I get melted and told me come-on show us first and I was already feeling so sexy I say him ok .and I start dancing while dancing slowly I open my housecoat and blouse .and I was only in a pink color bra and a panty.. Manoj was almost out so he did not understand clearly, what was actually going on. Rajesh again order me to make two pegs 1for Manoj and one for him.. I did that. However, I was already starting feeling so nice. Then after dancing for 5 min Rajesh order me to suck Manoj penis .then I came close to Manoj and start sucking Manoj penis like a hungry bitch .which is 5inch. From back Rajesh was touching my back my shoulder am ass with his feet fingered I was totally feeling out of control. and then suddenly without saying anything he came to me and open my bra hoop from the back and he start pressing my boobs he remove my bra and then he again order me to open my panty and to show him a dance I again dance for him then he order me to sit in the floor and show him how I do fingering I feel shame but I was enjoying I did that ..then again he order me to come and suck my cock I came to him I open his pant and I was so surprise to see his penis it was more then 6 inch it was like a horse I was never seen any penis in real life like that. I suck him for 10 min then he ask me do u like to be fucked by my this 7inch penis? I reply yes then he told me ok beg to me for fucked I start begging him please fuck me master I wanted to be fucked I told this 15 time then he told me ok I will fuck u but on the same time u have to suck your hubby penis and I will give u slang I agree ok master no problem. Then Rajesh told ok bitch so u go and start sucking your hubby penis and stand in doggy position I did that. Manoj was totally out on that time and he put his 7inch penis to my small pussy I shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa he reply don’t shout otherwise I will not fuck u I say ok I will not shout please now fuck me then again he fuck me and I was sucking my hubby penis with pleadgure I was talking him master please fuck me moreeeeeeeee I want moreeeeee. Then Manoj wake up and Rajesh ask to Manoj ha Manoj do u like this he reply yes fuck her. then Rajesh told to Manoj do u also want to fuck her he say yes then Manoj start fucked me and I was sucking Rajesh penis. Manoj sperm came out and then Rajesh told to Manoj ok now u go to next room we r also coming then Manoj went to that room and Rajesh again told me to lie down then he start biting my boobs with his teeth so hardly I was start mooning ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm oooooooooooooo I love thsssssssss ummm more harderrrrrrrr please do it more harder then he again start fucking me and when he understand his sperm is going to come then he told me now suck my penis u blady bitch suck it and he came to my mouth and he order me to swallow that .

After gossiping with him I was planning to have it 1ce more so I told him master can u fuck me now 1ce more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz
Then Rajesh order me again to wear me the saree and slowly to open my all cloths and show him some necked dance show. In addition, Rajesh will record that in his video cam then if he feels nice then only he will fuck me again. I agree that so I wake up quickly and start get ready with my makeup’s and I start dancing and Rajesh was recording that .then when I get necked he told me to suck his penis he was also recording that then he told me now come to balcony over there he will fuck me.1st I say no then he came close to me and he put his 1 figure inside of my pussy and told me if u want to b fucked then I will fuck u only at balcony. I told him but then others can c us he told me so what come he hold me such a way I was unable to tale him anything and I get agree then we came to balcony over there I was necked but he was wearing a lungi and he hold me from back and he start figuring me in my ass and pusy he put his penis in my pussy and he fuck for 15 min then he told me now I want to fuck your this sexy big ass hole u bitchy slave I say no that will be so pain full he say shut up your my slave and this is your duty to always u have to make satisfy to your master. from now onwards whatever I will tale u have to do that otherwise I will show your necked dance to everybody which u have done just now I say no then he make me in doggy position and he fuck from my ass I was shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a noooooooooooooooooo oo uffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff f fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee and he was slapping at my ass so hardly and pinching my breast so wildly. I was feeling i am in the heaven. After that he told me again suck me .I suck him and he came to my mouth and he told me always u have to swallow my sperm whenever it will come to your mouth so I solo that. then he told me now u wait here only i’m going to call your husband and he went back and he close the door of balcony from his side I was tailing him to open the door but he told me no u stay there only .then from 2am to 6.30 am he lock me in balcony and I was tailing him now please open the door others will c me. he told me ok u have to do masturbation in the balcony only then I will open that door I did that and he was again recording those with his cam after 20 min he open the door and then again he told me to suck his penis and solo his sperm then after all these we came to the bed room and I saw there Manoj was sleeping nakedly then I sleep in the middle and in left Rajesh and in right Manoj was sleep.

At 9.30am I feel Manoj was fingering me at my pussy and he ask me how have u enjoy last night? I reply very much, I have never ever enjoyed like this before. Then Rajesh also wake up and he told us u2 are really so good couple I really like both of u. then I smooch both of them and Manoj told me ok then now suck both of has penis and masturbate us. and then again I deed that and thy both came to my mouth. we all wake up

At 10am we all wake up and we all 3 went to the toilet over there we all was taking our bath, Rajesh told us lets open the window Manoj say y window? I was also don’t want to open that but Rajesh pinch in my ass and I understand he want to expose me again and I only went to the window and I open the window. We was having our shower later I saw a man was looking at us with binocular .Manoj say Rajesh look somebody is watching us. he reply I know for that’s why only I open the window. we get surprise and we complete our bath and we came out.

we went to the roof where we was having our breakfast there Rajesh told us y your staying in the hotel? Lets Manoj to go with my car and check from hotel u can stay here no problem Manoj say ok we also have no prob. we all went down and Rajesh call his driver and he told ‘Saab ji ko hotel ma laka jaow auk unlo waha say checkout karka lana.aur raat kalia humlogoka purani illaka sa kuch scotch whiskey aur memsaab ka lia vodka laka aaow.’’ he told Manoj to get ready I say I will also go. Rajesh look at me and so naughtily he told me no my sexy slave u will stay with me. Manoj say u naughty man y what will u do with my wife he reply very seriously actually I’m alone here so if she stay here then she can give me company. Manoj say ok no problem moupriya u stay with your master .I will be back within 5pm coz it is already more than 100km away and we have to some drinks also so. Manoj give me a kiss and he went .Rajesh again call at his driver ph and he told ki suno dhira dhira gari drive karma aur late sa aana .I understand when he send only manoj there and he told his driver to come late it mean he have some naughty plan on his brain.

Then we came to a bedroom and he on the a.c in full speed we lie down in the bed and we was gossiping. Rajesh suddenly ask me do u like 3sum. I get shook and I reply ya. He ask me have u ever done like this before I reply no. then he ask me what I have done with u last night have u enjoy that? I reply ya very much. He asks me do u like when we was taking our shower then I open the window and that man was looking at us. I reply not so much but ok because u liked that so and a good slave responsibility is this to always make happy to her master. He laughs at me and he asks me do u need more? I just keep quite and I just gave him a smile he understands.

He told me ok now do 1 thing I ask what? He replies go and open the window of this room. I say ok and I open that I saw that same man was standing at the balcony .from there he can look our room very clearly. I ask him what your plan master is. he look at me very angrily and he reply shut your mouth u r my personal prostitute slave so u just keep quite and do what i’m tailing u to do. I keep quite but again I start feeling very horny. Rajesh told me now u has to show me a necked dance again and I will close your eyes. I say ok. Rajesh told me come to me I came to him and from there I saw that man who was watching from balcony he was not there he left out so I feel bit normal.

Rajesh hold me from back and he take out a handkerchief tied that in my eyes. Then he holds my right hand and took me to another room.. Rajesh on his tape recorder and he order me now u dance for me u my naughty slave today I will make u a real prostitute bitch slave so are you ready for that my fucking slave? I reply yes I am ready my master i am eager to be your real prostitute bitch slave. I start dance first normally then he pull me saree open that. After 2min I open my petticoat I remove my blouse also then I was dancing .Then again after some time he came back to me hold me tightly and dancing with me and pressing my boobs so hardly then he remove my bra and pull down my panty. start fingering in my pussy which is totally wet with my pussy juice .Again he hold my hand pull me to his bed .I lie down there .he lie on me stretch my hand and tied my both hand two corner of the bed I asked him yr u tiding my hands ? He gave me a tite slap in my face and he does not reply anything. He stretches my two legs and he tied that. After that I do not know where he gone for minimum 10min.i was thinking very sexy and I was feeling so nice what he was doing. After few time I found he came to me and he is putting some child cold cream in my boob’s nipple navel pussy. He start licking my neck shoulder boobs nipple ..I was feeling so nice I was replying aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh h ufffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaa I told him master please bite harder my boobsssssssssssss. He start biting those I was feeling i’m in the heaven I was just moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeee master like a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh he came down to me and start licking my navel I was feeling so good. Then he start sucking my jussy psyche put his three figures inside my pussy and he was sucking upside. I was shouting with pleadgure . then again he came on me start licking my lips neck ear biting my boobs and he start fucking me his penis was like a hot road which was going inside me and making me more sexy he fuck me like that for 15 to 20 min then he open my hand and my feet .he make me sit in doggy style and he was fucking me for so long .I was tiling me fuck me more.uuuuuuuuufffff fffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come onnnnnnnnnnnnn fuck meeeeee.plz give me your penis to my mouth I want to suck your iron roads ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya ya ya ya fuck me. suddenly I found he was fucking me from my back and 1 another penis came to my mouth I pull the handkerchief from my eyes and I saw Rajesh is standing in front of me with a half pant and a t-shirt and his penis is out which I was sucking and from my back the another man who was watching us with binocular he is fucking me .I feel very shy and I also get very angry ..But I don’t know y I don’t react and I permit them to continue that thy was doing with me. They both then fuck like anything and both came in to my mouth…
Rajesh told me now you are my real fucking slave. I love to fuck homemakers and I like to watch that wife to be fucked by others in front of me. I also like 3sumsex like what. We did. Then I reply yes master I have also start liking your ideas and from now onward i am your slave I will always obey your words. I will always do what u like? Then that man gave me 1000/=rupees and told me this is your first income. In addition, he wears his dress and he went out.

Mr. Rajesh asks me do u know swimming. I reply him yes master swimming, dancing, playing basketball is my hobby. He says ok that is nice. Weare your bra and panty we will go to our garden swimming pool to swim I say wowwww that is great and we went to the pool. We jump in the water and we was swimming again Rajesh told me open your bra I say not here please he say no this is my order open your bra and panty right now. I say him please not here look next to our garden wall there are some building they can c me. he reply I want that only I love to watch so come on open your bra and panty first or else he will open my bra and panty and he will make me naked dance in the garden so I say ok and I open. My bra and my panty again I get necked he say now give me your bra and panty. I gave him he took those and he through those out of the pool. then he told me now u swim. I’m coming. so I was alone in the pool ..After 10 /15min I saw Rajesh again came to me with his video cam and he was recording my swimming in the pool. again he jump in the pool and told me to suck his penis I did that and as u Saul he came in my mouth and I solo that then we both came out of the pool but I was totally necked .and he was wearing a half pant. we came inside the room .i told rajesh master can we have a bath in bathroom he say yes .So we went to the bath room and we was having our shower in bathtub ..and I don’t know y I was start liking his all ideas.. He was pressing my boobssssssssss in the bathtub and suddenly I saw Manoj and his driver came and they open the door they both saw me and Rajesh was having bath ..Rajesh told his driver.’’sab kam ho gaya he reply ha saab’’and he went away and manoj also open his cloths and he join with us. Rajesh ask manoj saab kam ho gaya he reply ha.manoj ask him what have u done so lone with my wife he reply 1st we was gossiping then we had a sex and now we r having our shower .manoj say ok.

We complete our bath we dressed ourselves and his driver gave us lunch. we all have that and start gossiping. I asked Rajesh ji yaha kohi acha disco theque nahi hay?he reply ya it is do u want to go there? I say yes plzzzz .He reply only 1 condition i will take u there .manoj ask what condition Rajesh reply again u have to play the game which we played last night I am ur master and u 2 r my slave u will lessen to me Manoj laugh and he reply ok no prob malik.then we decide at evening we will go there. we all complete our lunch

We went to sleep. Again Rajesh told u will sleep between us I reply thik hay maalik jo aap ka hokum.he reply u will sleep between us and u will not wear anything u have to be necked I say ok no prob I open my nights and came between Rajesh manoj. And we sleep.

Evening we all wake up and we was getting ready Rajesh gave me a micromini skirt and a very deep neck sleeveless top from there my boobs can c very clearly. Rajesh wear a red t-shirt and a jeans and manoj wear a black t-shirt and a jeans .we went for the party in car .I and manoj sit at the back and Rajesh was driving it was 40 km away so it took a hour .we reach there and I saw loud music different colors of lights many people are dancing drinking enjoying them self. we also went to the dancing floor and we start dance there we took some takila.again we came to the dancing floor .i saw a man was always trying to come close to me. Rajesh also saw that and he told manoj look that man is trying to come close to ur wife manoj reply u gave him to wear so sexy dress everybody will try to come close to her. Rajesh ask manoj do u lik to expose ur wife to others he reply yes very much. Rajesh say that’s good ..and Rajesh came close to me and he order me ha u my sexy slave ur ass is lovely this man is trying to touch .so u open ur panty now. I get shock and look at him he say open I say now he say yes .i look at manoj he also say ok open .so I open my panty that man was saw that .and he also came near to me and he start touch my ass inside my skirt I was feeling so sexyyyyyyyy then that man hold me from back and he put his fingering inside my pusy. he told me wow it is totally clean and so soft I like it babyyyyyyyyyyyy. I was also enjoyed that. I look back I saw rajesh manoj was sitting in the bar counter thy was sitting there and drinking some drinks and watching at me.After 30min they came back to me and told me lets go now so we came out went to the car .Rajesh gave me my panty and he told manoj to drive the car and me to open the top and skirt. I feel very exited without any hesitation I remove my top and skirt .I was in only bra and panty. we came back to the banglo.

We again have a great 3sum sex at night they both fuck me lik anything . Rajesh was record everything of us. at morning at 5 we went to sleep coz on that day at4pm we have our ticket for Bangalore’s .we wake up we hav our food all together and thn me and manoj get ready rajesh also came to leave us at airport .he left us before going I again came to him I hug him tightly and I smootch him .i told him master I love u.i will be ur slave for my whole life when ever u want u will come to our place.and u can also call me to ur place to fuck me more and more and more….i want to be fucked by u moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee

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