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Apni madmast shadishuda padosan ki gadrayi katil jawani ko bade pyar se bhoga aur uski untouch gand ka udghatan kiya

Apni madmast shadishuda padosan ki gadrayi katil jawani ko bade pyar se bhoga aur uski untouch gand ka udghatan kiya

As I remember, this story happened almost 2 years ago when I was doing my third year engineering from
one of the reputed college from pune. This story is about me and my neighbor aunty Neha (Name changed for her privacy). She was my neighbor from last 5 yrs. I’d lust for her from the time she had come to live in our building.

Talking about neha she is a married lady of 29yrs and having 6 old girl child. She had a damn hot fig of 34-28-36 that every man would die for. Her husband used to work in sales department so he would be out of the town most of the times. And that when I got chance:-).Being a housewife she was a very good friend of my mom. She used to come to my house almost daily since she used to get bored at home. She used to spoke very freely with me also.

She used to wear sari below her navel and low cut blouse which made her even sexier. One day while chatting she told my mom, “My husband has gone out of town for office work and Ritu (her daughter) has also gone to grandparents’ place, so could u please send Raj to sleep at home because I’ve fear at nights.” Upon that my mom readily agreed. when my mom told me about this I was damn happy and I masturbated thrice that night thinking of Neha’s nude body.

So, next day evening I went to her home. She very happily welcomed me. She had worn Sleeveless blouse and white sari. Oh my god she was looking like sex goddess in that sari. Then we had lunch whenever she bent every time I caught glimpse of her milky white boobs. But she didn’t notice that.

After finishing lunch we went 2 watch TV. While watching TV we had normal chat . After sometime I felt sleepy and I told her “Neha aunty I’m going to sleep in guest room”. Then she told ,”No Raj you sleep in my bedroom coz I’m afraid of dark “. I couldn’t believe my ears after hearing this and I said ok.

Then we went to her bedroom for sleeping. She was in the same sari. She said me goodnight and slept within 5 minutes. But I was unable 2 get sleep, coz my mind was thinking of fucking her. she was laying on her back. I couldn’t control myself I touched her hand to check if she is awake or not, she didn’t respond. I was happy seeing that she’s deep slept.
Now I slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and started pressing them softly from above her blouse. Wow, how smooth they were. And slowly I tried to put my hand into her bra but I couldn’t do it easily coz her boobs were very tight. In meantime she got awake and literally screamed, “Raj what are u doing?” and then slapped me. I didn’t know what 2 say but I said anyhow I said, “Aunty I love u very much “.

She was stunned to hear this and her anger reduced and she said “From when?” I replied “from the day I saw u.” Now suddenly she was blushing and smiling. I took it as positive signal and hugged her.

Then I looked into her eyes and then started kissing her. We kissed each other for almost 5 minutes. Then I moved to over to her boobs. I tried to press her boobs from the blouse. Then I removed her blouse. I saw her boobs wow what that scene was!! They were very firm and eager 2 come out of bra. Then I tried to open her bra hook but I was unable. Then she said “Oh my dear let me help u”. And she removed her bra.

I quickly jumped onto her boobs and stared sucking them. I heard her first moan at that time. She also removed my shirt and caught my 7 inch dick. I was sucking one boob and pressing another. I was also giving her love bites and she used to close her eyes at that time. Then I moved to her navel and inserted my tongue into it. And she was very excited. Then I sucked her navel and started moving my fingers onto her stomach. She couldn’t hide excitation. Said “Oh I love it…come on…suck it”. I continued it for 5 minutes.

Then I removed her sari and knot of petticoat. I couldn’t believe that my dream woman is only in her white silk panty!!. Then I moved to her sexy legs and started licking them, then I came directly to her panty and removed it. wow she had a very good pussey and didn’t had single hair on it. I started sucking it. It was tasting very nice. And she was moaning in pleasure.”ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh eat my pussey”. In 10 minutes she had orgasm and I drank each drop of her juice.

She said then “Its my turn now “, and smiled. She removed my undies and started sucking my rock hard tool. I was feeling very excited. She initially licked my balls, then started to give me blowjob. She took my tool deep inside her mouth started to lick it like a lollypop. After nearly 5 minutes I came inside her mouth and she drank all my sperms and cleaned my dick with her mouth.

Now it was time to fuck her, I again kissed her for 5 minutes. Then I made her sit onto the bed and kept pillow under her ass and took her legs onto my shoulders. Then I just touched my penis onto her pussey and started rubbing she got very excited and told me ,”Raj please insert I cant control now”.

Her pussy was very tight even being married, within 2-3 pushes my dick was totally in and she screamed “Oh my god I died”, then I just put my lips onto her and started fucking session. She was enjoying very much and was moaning “yeaaaaaaaah comeeeeeeeeeeee onnn makeeee me urr bitch….yeah….im all yours……….tear myyyyyyy pussey”. These moans made me even more excited I started to fuck her very hardcore and she was also moving her body in rhythm. Then I was about to cum after 20 minutes and she said that wanted it in mouth I removed my dick from her pussey and ejaculated into her mouth. Then we both lied onto the bed naked and caressed each other’s bodies.

After half an hour my dick was again ready and this time I wanted to fuck her ass. I initially she said no but after some insisting she agreed because her husband hadn’t fucked her in her ass till date. Then I asked her to bring Vaseline. And then I applied some Vaseline into her ass hole. And by inserting my fingers I started fingering her ass hole. Now I put my dick onto her ass hole started pushing, but I was unable since she had very tight ass.

After a powerful push my dick went in and she burst into tears. I stopped for few seconds and moving moving my dick in out. After sometime she also had started enjoying. I moving her ass with me and was slapping her ass she was moaning…….”you…….fuck meeeeeeeeee faaaaaaaaaast….yeah cummmmm inside meeeeeeeee” and I cummed inside her after few minutes. Then after sometime we took bath together where in bathtub we played with each other’s bodies. Then that night we slept naked with each other. And we also continued our fucking in next two nights.

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