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Pados ke harami baap bete ne mujhe blackmail karke meri choot aur gand ka baaja bajaya

Pados ke harami baap bete ne mujhe blackmail karke meri choot aur gand ka baaja bajaya

It was a hot day. All through the night I couldn’t sleep. Even with the ac running full blast, my body was hot with passion. I was so horny I wouldn’t have minded even Saurabh being there in bed with me. Saurabh is not so hot in bed but he was better than nothing. I am Rakhee, a married woman of 36, with a mature figure 36 27 36. I guess I am oversexed, which is what Saurabh feels, but I feel he is not that interested anyway. But for Sunil our next-door neighbor I would have been really frustrated. Sunil was 30 and single. He is a senior manager in a pvt concern and was reasonably good looking, what he lacked in looks and size he more than made up with his enthusiasm in bed. Since he moved in last year he had been my secret lover. He lived as PG in the next house with the Sharmas. When I got up I gave Sunil a missed call and when he called me back, he said he might be able to come around 10am from office. I was eagerly waiting and he promptly turned up at 10. I had worn a sexy baby doll nighty in baby pink, with a red silk thong and matching bra. As the bell rang I rushed to the door and popped it open. It was Sunil. I hugged him tight to me and kissed him unmindful of who might be looking. It was Sunil who worried and pushed me inside and closed the door.
“Rakhee what has happened to you. I know you are hot but with the door open, and Mrs. Sharma you know her.” Now that the door was closed I flung myself into his arms and smothered him with kisses, sometimes kissing, sometimes licking his face. I was hugging him tight pressing my big breasts into his chest. I could sense his cock getting erect and tapping my thighs. “Hey sweetie you are really horny today.” But I wouldn’t let him speak. I just kissed him hard and pushed my tongue into his mouth. His hands crept down to my ass and he pressed them and pulled me in closer and sucked my tongue. I was so horny and hot my cunt was already starting to wet. He seemed to read my need. He quickly pushed me down on the sofa and knelt before me and pulled my nighty off me. Then slid my thong down. I lifted my legs up and opened them wide. He knew I was very partial to oral sex. He immediately bent down to lap my wet pussy. As his wet tongue found my clit, I groaned, “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh baby suck me suck my pussy.” Things were just getting hot when his mobile rang. I tried to push his head in and keep it there, but he pulled free and took his mobile out. “Just a second, Rakhee.” I was so fucking hot I wanted to snatch his mobile and shove it into my pussy so Sunil can get busy down there. I rubbed myself while listening to a one sided conversation. I felt my mood worsen as I listened. Sunil finished the call and turning to me, “Baby I am really sorry, but some shit in the office, I really got to go right now.” Saying that he quickly adjusted his dress and gave a hurried kiss to me, went out the door at a run.

‘Oh shit! There goes my morning too. Last night was bad and today is going to be worse. And he had to start me up too, I would have been better off if he hadn’t come at all.’ I thought to myself, as I picked myself up and adjusted my dress. As I pulled my thong up I thought what a waste of effort to get all sexily decked up. I had never liked masturbation much and was in no mood to do myself now. I thought of having a cup of tea and moved to the kitchen. As I put the kettle on, the door bell rang again. I hurried out hoping maybe Sunil was back. I opened the door and disappointment once more. It was Rohit my neighbor’s son. An absolute lout. He was 19, in college and had such bad manners. He was built exactly like his father and both shared some disgusting habits, like scratching away at their crotches irrespective of who was around them. Somehow Saurabh and Mr. Sharma had gotten friendly and because of that we had dinners together on a regular basis. I never liked the Sharmas. The mother was overbearing and the male’s absolute louts. Mr. Sharma had even tried to fondle my boobs while I was in their house during a dinner. Just for Saurabh I tolerated them. Rohit and his father were both hulks above 6ft with thick muscular bodies. From what showed above their collars I guessed both must be hairy like bears.

Coming back to my senses I was about to tell Rohit to go away, but he had pushed his way inside. “Good morning aunty.” As was usual with him his eyes were going all over my body, he was openly ogling at me. I felt creepy to feel his eyes on me. I could sense him mentally undressing me. “Yes Rohit. Is there anything you want? Uncle is not here.” I wanted him out of the house fast. Rohit wouldn’t budge; he looked as if he is going to spend some time. “aunty something seems to be burning here and he sniffed for effect. “Oh shit! I left the milk on the burner…” I turned and rushed back to find the milk all burnt. I turned off the gas and came back to find Rohit in the corridor between the bedrooms looking at some photos put there on the wall. I went towards him to tell him to go away. “Hmmm aunty, you are a looker…and only a little bit of weight since your college days.” I didn’t like the way he was speaking, while he had always looked at me and stripped my clothes off with his eyes, he had never talked to me much. “Rohit if you don’t mind I have some urgent work, would you mind leaving now.” He was at the door to my bedroom now, I moved to the door of the bedroom to prevent him entering the room. Rohit turned to me and with wicked looking grin said, “why Rakhee, is Sunil coming back to finish the job.”

As he said this he put out his tongue and slowly swept it across his lips. All thought went out of me, just what did he mean, and how much does he know I was pretty scared now. “Rohit what are you talking about, what is this about Sunil uncle….” I said in an attempt to get him to talk more. He walked towards me and I had to move into my bedroom to avoid him walking into me. “oh come on Rakhee, I know what you are up to with Sunil and also why you are dressed up in such sexy clothes at this time of the day.” I decided to be offensive. “Don’t you dare use my name Rohit and just what are you hinting at. I am going to ring up your father and tell him you are being rude with me.” “go on Rakhee; tell my dad about me and when I tell him what I know he will also want to come here. In the meantime I will ring up Saurabh uncle and tell him what I saw.” I tried to be brave “you really think Saurabh uncle will believe a word of what you say. I will tell him you tried to misbehave with me and so you are telling lies to defame me. He will understand because he knows what your father tried to do before.” “Ohm believes me he wills Rakhee, especially when I tell him about that dark birthmark you have on your right thigh just at the crease. What a picture you made lifting your legs up wide and what a dog Sunil was. I will tell Saurabh all about that. Now do you think he will still not believe me?” I was shocked to hear about the birthmark. I had a dark brown 50 paisa coin sized birthmark just where he described. Saurabh will believe him on hearing about that. I was standing there absolutely stunned when I felt his nearness.

Rohit was very close to me. I took a step backward stumbled and fell on the bed. “Wow Rakhee you are really something, even before I can tell you what I want, you get ready. You must be wanting it real bad.” He sat down next to me and put a hand on my right tit and felt me. “you got an amazing figure Rakhee… Wow what softness and what size I have thought of this same thing I am doing now and masturbated so many times now I am going to do the real thing” he squeezed my tit roughly. I was still in a daze not knowing what to say what to do. But my horny body was responding to his rough touch. His hand was big and rough. The feel of his rough hand squeezing my tit was sending pleasure signals to my pussy and I was getting wet. I tried to push up and get off the bed. But he put his hand on my boobs and pushed me down. “come on Rakhee how can you go when I haven’t fucked that juicy cunt of yours.” His rough crude talk and his rough hands on my soft body were making me wet. One part of me thought ‘what is this Rakhee he is just a college kid don’t give in to him let him tell Saurabh. You can always handle that.” The horny part was telling me ‘try this guy Rakhee. He may look like a gorilla wearing clothes but see his body and the way he is handling you. He is different. You may get a new experience.”

While all this was going through my mind, Rohit was busy squeezing and playing roughly with my boobs. He had rolled up my nighty to my neck and without bothering to even unhook my bra he was playing with my soft boobs. I felt one hand of his clamp down hard on my pussy. So rough and crude he was. He just pushed my thong aside and felt my insides with his finger. “wows Rakhee you seem to love being a whore you are wet, soaking wet bitch.” As his thick finger pushed into my cunt, my ass jerked up taking in his finger fully. He seemed to get really hot on seeing that. He got up. I was looking up at him thinking he will undress. He just opened his zip and shook his cock out. ‘Oh my god I thought.’ His cock matched the rest of his body. A dark brown rod, looking huge came out of his pants. He held it in his hand and moved the foreskin back and forth a few times. His cock was big about 8 inches and thick too. The purple head looked as big a Childs fist. He then moved in and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed. ‘Ohm he is not even going to remove my dress or his.’ I was really feeling degraded and cheap. He just plunged inside my cunt roughly. “aahhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as his thick meat pole ripped its way through my insides. It felt like someone had put a burning torch into my cunt. His cock was opening me up like never before. I felt like a virgin on her first night. I looked at his face. He had his eyes screwed shut and was just intent on shoving his hardened dick inside me. I felt like he was just using my pussy instead of his hand to jerk off. He didn’t do anything else to me. Just kept ramming me hard and fast. In spite of what I was feeling I was reacting to the wild rough fuck that I was getting from Rohit. My body was responding on its own. Intense waves of pleasure were radiating from my cunt and I started to enjoy the fucking. “aahhhhh ahhhhhhh” I was moaning as his big cock ploughed into my cunt. He leaned over to crush my tits and I exploded, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am cumminggg ahhhhhhhhh.” Rohit stiffened and I felt his cock get harder inside me. I clenched my cunt walls around his thick cock and squeezed. “oohhhhhhhhh aunty what a sweet cunt you have ooohhhhhh,” Rohit collapsed onto my body and hot cum from his shuddering cock flooded my cunt.

I felt ashamed of my own desires and curled up my legs and turned to my side, just wishing he would leave me alone. Rohit then saw my bottom which must be visible to him, as I was lying on my side. He put his hands and caressed my ass, “wow aunty your ass is so fucking sexy. Wish I had more time to fuck your ass too. Some other day aunty, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” He didn’t even wait for my reply dressed and left. I went and locked the door cleaned myself up and just lay on the bed thinking of what had happened. I did enjoy the boys fucking. It was the size of his cock and that I had been so horny from the night. I decided that I may be wanting to fuck Rohit again, and then my thoughts turned to his dad, Pradeep. Many times I had seen the man’s crotch bulge when I was around and he wore those thin pajamas. Thinking of Rohit I was imagining in my mind what size his dad would be. I think I must have dozed off; I awoke with a start as I heard the door bell ring. I hurriedly threw a gown over my nighty and went to the door.

It was Pradeep, Rohit’s dad standing at the door, leering at me lecherously. “Ohh god thinks of the devil and he is here” I thought to myself, as I stood there. He moved in without my telling. “Mrs. Chatterjee, my son says you have been teaching him some new subject” and he grinned wickedly. I was in shock, just what Rohit has told his father, I was thinking when in walked Rohit himself. He got in and locked the door. “Aunty dad knows about us. I told him.” By then Pradeep was next to me. “Oh come-on Rakhee show me also your charms, my son tells me you are one hot bitch.” His hands caught me around the waist and I was pulled onto him. He kissed me roughly on my mouth. I felt Rohit hug me from behind. Rohit’s hard cock was poking my behind. The kinky situation was turning me on. I opened my lips to let Pradeep’s tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue. After a deep kiss he pulled back. “why don’t we go somewhere comfortable Rakhee” and started to lead me to my bedroom. I was between the two of them. Both were feeling my ass as we walked one hand each on my ass and one each fondling my tits. “Rohit she does have nice tits. How do they look”? “Sorry dad I was in such a horny state I just fucked her didn’t see her.” “that’s bad son. You have to appreciate a woman’s beauty first.” As we reached the bedroom, Pradeep sat on the bed. “Rohit first undress aunty let us admire her beauty first.” Rohit pulled the sash of my gown and it opened, Pradeep pulled it off me. I was standing in front of the Father with the son undressing me. I was turned on so much; I decided to have some fun too. I turned around like a model showing off my baby doll nighty.

Since I hadn’t bothered to put back my thong, they could see the dark patch of my pussy through the nighty. I playfully went and sat on Pradeep’s lap. He pulled my nighty up I raised my ass slightly to help him remove it. As it came off, Pradeep held my arms up and licked my underarm. Rohit knelt in front of me and took my boobs and squeezed them. “son sucks on them. She has very fine boobs.’ Pradeep squeezed one so my nipple stood out and Rohit sucked that into his mouth. I moaned “ooohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh” as Rohit bit on the hard nipple. “son remover her panty and suck her cunt also.” I was in heaven. Two hot and horny men were playing with my body. My boobs were being painfully crushed and squeezed and sucked. Then Rohit removed my panty I raised my ass so he can remove it. Pradeep caught my thighs and opened them wide; Rohit buried his head in my cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhh “I couldn’t bear it. As Rohit licked and sucked Pradeep was rubbing my clit with his stubby thick finger and squeezing my boobs. I was muttering incoherently as Rohit sucked my soaking wet pussy. “ahhhhhhhh fuck me I want a cock. Give it to me. Fuck me ahhhhhhhhhhhh” Pradeep lifted me off his lap and I stood up. Rohit still continued to lick my cunt. I was pressing his head into my cunt and I was mad with desire. I was moving up and down rubbing my cunt on Rohit mouth.

Then I felt Pradeep pull me and push me onto the bed on my back. I took one look at him and gasped. He was huge much bigger than his son. He looked like bear, chest all covered with a thick mat of hair. His cock was like a giant tree standing up from a jungle. His hairy balls hung low and heavy. He pushed me so my head was hanging on one side of the bed. My legs on the other side. Rohit got between my legs and licked me. Pradeep stood over me with his legs across my face. He dangled his heavy sack into my mouth. I sucked his balls in greedily, slurping and sucking it. Then he took it away and forcing my face down shoved his thick cock into my mouth. It was huge I couldn’t get even a few inches in. He let me take my time. I loved the sour taste of his cock and the stinky smell of manly sweat from his crotch. I licked his swollen knob and the shaft of his cock. He was grunting as I sucked his cock head into my mouth and worked on it with my tongue. I was a wanton slut, sucking a man’s cock while his son was sucking my cunt. I was moaning slurping loudly as I worked on his cock. Soon it became too much and I came with a loud scream. Then Pradeep yanked his cock away and shooed Rohit. I was looking at his cock with awe and some fear. He took it in one hand and placed it on my cunt hole and pressed it in. I shook with another orgasm as his cock head slid into my tight hole. “aaahhhh I shouted with pain and pleasure.

Then Rohit shoved his cock in my mouth and shut me up for good. I was writhing on the bed like a fish out of water as Pradeep forced his huge iron rod into the molten heat of my cunt. He was opening me up forcefully and grunting at the tightness. “Fucking bitch your cunt is as tight as a virgins hole hhmmmmmmmmm aaahhh” and he gave a big jerk. In spite of the cock in my mouth I screamed out loud as Pradeep’s cock rammed in all the way. I nearly fainted. Then I felt things come back to focus. Rohit was fucking my mouth and Pradeep was still buried deep inside my cunt but unmoving. He was sensuously sucking my boobs. I felt the pain ease when he started to move. He fucked me ruthlessly, slamming into my tight hole like a jackhammer. I felt Rohit now ramming harder and faster, he held my head tight in his big hands and fucked my mouth. I felt his cock stiffen and he came in my mouth filling it with thick wads of cum. I swallowed it all. Then he took his dripping cock and shot cum all over my face. Then he made me suck him clean, which I did willingly. Pradeep was still going strong in my cunt. His pace never slackened. Then after some 25 mines he shouted “ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” And his cock filled my cunt with a heavy load of cum. When he pulled out his cock I sensed cum oozing out onto the sheets below.

I lay there all spent looking at the two men who had fucked me so hard and given me so much pleasure. I took Rohit cock in my hand and played with it while he played with my boobs. Pradeep was stroking his cock looking at us with joy and pride at his son. “Son this time let aunty ride you. It will be much better and with her experience it will be very good for you.” “Ok dad” Rohit replied. I knew Rohit was ready as his cock was rock hard again in my hand. I got up from the bed. Rohit lay on the bed on his back. Then Pradeep gestured to me to get on with it. I straddled Rohit and catching his cock with one hand guided it to my hole and sat on it. Pradeep’s cock having stretched mine to the limit Rohit slid in easily this time unlike the morning. I impaled myself on his thick cock. Soon I had his big cock buried in my wet cunt. I started to move on his cock. His young cock was so hard I loved the feel of it sliding in and out of my cunt. He grabbed for my boobs which were swinging around as I fucked him. Then I felt Pradeep pushing my body down bending me over Rohit. “ohhhhhh nooooooooooooo Pradeep please don’t I will die.” I knew I was in for big trouble. But Pradeep didn’t listen to me at all. I felt him spread my ass cheeks wide with his hands. He spit on it and rubbed my asshole. I couldn’t move with Rohit’s cock buried inside me. Then I felt it a searing jolt of sheer pain as Pradeep pierced my tight anus with his massive cock. Though Sunil had fucked my ass his cock was small and this was one big massive dick that was now forcing its way into my tight ass.

I screamed in pain as he buried his cock in deep. “Rohit suck on her tits son.” Rohit the dutiful son did as his father told him to. Sucked on my booobs. And Pradeep rubbed my ass cheeks, my thighs, and my clit and slowly the pain subsided leaving with a feeling of fullness. Then they both started to fuck me. I was stuck like a pig on a barbeque. Two hot iron rods were deep inside me. From their moves it appeared it was not the first time they had done it. They were so smooth so coordinated. Soon I was moaning again. The pain replaced by tiny but strong jolts of pleasure. Both took a long time to cum this time. I came two tiny cums in between. But the waves of pleasure were building up into a massive tsunami which I could feel start from deep inside my womb. I let it build up enjoying the feel of it the force of it I let the waves wash over me. I was moaning screaming as I felt it approach and then as it crashed into me my biggest orgasm to date I heard them both shout out loud. Both cocks were jerking and shuddering as they pumped my holes full of cum. When I came to I found myself lovingly cradled by father and son. I was in the middle sandwiched between the two men. Then they thanked me promised me more fucking fun and left. When Saurabh returned after 3 days I was still walking like a sailor from the soreness of that hot horny Monday.

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